DC Fintech Week 2020

DC Fintech Week 2020


Fintech Week 2020: Live Virtual Event

The IFM together with The Institute of International Economic Law (IIEL) at Georgetown University Law Center co-hosting DC Fintech Week. This year's event is virtual — enabling us to go beyond the DC beltway to connect tens of thousands of fintech leaders and learners on a truly global scale. You'll hear from top regulators, academics and innovators in the fintech space.

Each day of this world-class educational forum features a theme which helps guide the day's discussion. This year's four main themes include:

  • Making (or Breaking?) Money;
  • Transformational Technologies;
  • Demo Day, and;
  • Inclusive Fintech.


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NEW!  As this year's forum we be virtual, we will be delivered on the Brella conference platform. Brella will deliver all of our live stream sessions and also includes the ability to network with people across the globe based on your mutual interest. Brella makes networking with the right people extremely easy and it also facilitates the entire event experience for you. Joining takes less than a minute!

Here are just a few features Brella offers you as an attendee:

  • Fast registration using your social media profile (LinkedIn, Google, Facebook) or simply create your Brella account. 
  • Create a customized schedule of the sessions you wish to attend based on your interest.
  • Use the matchmaking algorithm that sorts the attendee roster based on which connections are the most relevant to you either before or during the event.
  • Chat with and/or schedule private 1:1 video meetings with other attendees.



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