Special Event: DC Fintech Week 2019

Special Event: DC Fintech Week 2019


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DC Fintech Week is unique global policy forum that brings together entrepreneurs and thought leaders across the financial ecosystem together with the regulatory community. During the week, attendees will learn from some of the world’s leading legal experts, economists, entrepreneurs and academics as they discuss industry developments and the impact of innovation on global markets, policy and ultimately regulations.

This high profile event is spearheaded by Georgetown University Law Center and co-hosted by the IFM, along with the UK's Financial Conduct Authority and other sponsors. As a result of the financial underwriting by IFM and others, the event if free. Our aim is to elevate the public’s understanding, and discourse, by democratizing the ideas and thoughts driving industry and policymakers.

To receive email updates on DC Fintech Week, please email us at info@theIFM.org.

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Washington DC
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If you are unable to register online, please contact the IFM at 202-223-1528, or via e-mail at info@theIFM.org.