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The Institute is qualified as a nonprofit organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Service Code. The IFM is an independent affiliate of the Futures Industry Association. The IFM operates autonomously as a foundation and is governed by a Board of Trustees, separate and apart from the FIA Board of Directors. IFM Trustees are drawn from the principal segments of the industry and provide policy guidance and direction to the foundation.

The Institute for Financial Markets has no membership and does not engage in advocacy or political activities. Instead the IFM focuses its work on providing unbiased and balanced education and information to industry professionals, market-users, investors, and those who shape and implement public-policy for the financial services industry. To accomplish this mission, the IFM focuses on providing products and services in three primary areas - education, ethics and data.

As a nonprofit organization, the Institute funds its activities and development of new services from two principal sources: the sale of its products and services and the generous support of a broad range of financial institutions, exchanges, brokerage firms and participants from a variety of market sectors. Tax-deductible contributions to the IFM help underwrite:

  • The development of product and market-based educational materials directed to industry professionals, market-users, journalists, academics and those who shape and implement public policy for the financial services industry,
  • The funding of independent research studies and development of standards and fostering best practices initiatives in the futures and related financial services industry,
  • Market data used by academic and government researchers and industry professionals and their clients throughout the world.

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