Markets help factories cope with rate fluctuations in currencies and metals.

Markets help more than 90% of Fortune 500 companies manage commercial or market risks.

Markets help pension funds diversify portfolios and provide financial security to retirees.

Markets help producers weather climate events that impact supply & demand.

Markets help farmers counter geopolitical risk and reduce income uncertainty.

Markets help utilities manage short-term price risks and plan investment decisions.

We help people understand derivatives markets.


Report: Crypto Asset Regulation in the Market

Regulators, scholars, and market users gathered on Capitol Hill to discuss the current state of play in cryptocurrencies in the securities and futures markets. The post-roundtable report, The Dawn of Crypto Regulation, encapsulates the discussion conference that included a a fireside chat with CFTC Commissioner, Rostin Behnam.

Report: Regulating the Derivatives Markets

The New Rules Of The Road summarizes the discussions at a roundtable which focused on three major regulatory themes: the economic impact of regulations, how best to enforce rules, and the future of regulation and how technology will play a role.  The report also includes comments by CFTC Commissioner, Brian Quintenz.

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With offices in Washington, London, Brussels and Singapore, FIA is the global trade organization for the futures, options and centrally cleared derivatives markets.

NFA Basic

NFA’s BASIC provides background information about firms and individuals in the derivatives industry; as well as regulatory and non-regulatory actions.

CFTC Smartcheck

CFTC SmartCheck offers access to free tools to check the background of financial professionals and stay informed on the latest fraud schemes.

Futures Fundamentals

An industry-wide educational initiative where you can learn the ins and outs of the complex but vital derivatives marketplace.