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CME Course Includes New Position Limits Content

The FIA-IFM online course, "CME Group Market Rules and Regulatory Guidelines", has been expanded to include important information on CME position limits. The course, developed together with the CME, helps market participants understand and comply with various important trading practices, rules, and requirements. It is part of the Get Smart eLearning Library designed specifically for futures industry market participants.

ICE US Exchange Course Updated

Our digital training, “Rules & Regulatory Guidance for ICE US.” has been updated to include important information on ICE position limits. Jointly developed with ICE Futures US, the course aims to help market users understand and comply with various compliance rules including position limits to avoid enforcement action. This course included in the Get Smart eLearning Library is one of several that cover trading rules and practices on global exchanges.

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Clearing 101: Exchanges, Clearinghouses and CCPs

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Fundamentals of Futures & Options (& applicable to NFA Series 3 Exam)

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Energy Derivatives Trading Bootcamp

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FIA is the global trade organization for the futures, options and centrally cleared derivatives markets, with offices in Washington, London, Brussels and Singapore.

Futures Fundamentals

Free education: With clear, easy-to-understand content, the Futures Fundamentals’ website explains the role futures play in our everyday lives and the importance of derivatives markets.


As a government agency, the CFTC promotes the integrity, resilience, and vibrancy of the U.S. derivatives markets through sound regulation.

NFA Basic

NFA’s BASIC provides background information about firms and individuals in the derivatives industry, as well as regulatory and non-regulatory actions.