Markets help corporates reduce price risk and mitigate unexpected expenses or losses.

Markets help utilities plan for future infrastructure investments for their customers.

Markets help farmers weather climate uncertainty and offset risks on next year’s crop.

Markets help pension funds protect portfolio values and fulfill retiree goals.

We help people understand derivatives markets.


The Greenwood Project - IFM Partnership

IFM is proud to partner with the Greenwood Project, a nonprofit focused on introducing Black and Latinx students to careers within the financial industry via summer financial institute for high school students, paid summer internships for college students in financial firms, academic instruction and mentorships.

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IFM Market Basics: New Digital, Nano Education

IFM offers a series of bite-sized learning videos that connect consumers to derivatives markets.

The nano videos, approximately 60-130 seconds in duration, explain key economic and basic market concepts and demonstrates how Wall Street directly intersects and benefits Main Street ─ every day.

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Upcoming Events

Clearing 101: Exchanges, Clearinghouses and CCPs

Virtual Workshop. 90-minute sessions on 2 days.
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Fundamentals of Futures & Options (also applicable to NFA Series 3 Exam)

Virtual Live. 2-hour sessions on 5 days.
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Leaving LIBOR: Understanding and Managing the Transition

Virtual Workshop. 90-minute sessions on 2 days.
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FIA is the global trade organization for the futures, options and centrally cleared derivatives markets, with offices in Washington, London, Brussels and Singapore.

Futures Fundamentals

Free education: With clear, easy-to-understand content, the Futures Fundamentals’ website explains the role futures play in our everyday lives and the importance of derivatives markets.


As a government agency, the CFTC promotes the integrity, resilience, and vibrancy of the U.S. derivatives markets through sound regulation.

NFA Basic

NFA’s BASIC provides background information about firms and individuals in the derivatives industry, as well as regulatory and non-regulatory actions.