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IFM Market Basics Video Series

Eager to learn, but short on time? Then check out the IFM's nano lessons (approximately 60-130 seconds in duration) that focus on a key economic concept. You'll learn how Wall Street and Main Street intersect and impact every day life, even if you don't actual trade or follow the markets.


Futures Fundamentals

Futures Fundamentals is a unique, one-stop educational resource designed to simplify and explain complex market topics. Through interactive features and rich content, the website explains the role of futures markets in everyday life and provides information on the derivatives industry as a whole. Futures Fundamentals is the driving force in an industry-wide effort to provide risk management education to learners at all levels.

Futures Fundamentals is a educational effort made possible by a number of contributing organizations across the futures industry including the Institute for Financial Markets (IFM), CME Foundation, Intercontinental Exchange (ICE), CME Group, FIA and National Futures Association, as well as others.


National Futures Association

NFA is the industrywide, self-regulatory organization for the U.S. derivatives industry, providing innovative and effective regulatory programs. Watch this video to learn about NFA and its role in the derivatives markets. Learn more about by visiting the NFA website.


DC Fintech Week

This international conference, co-hosted by the the IFM and Institute of International Economic Law, Georgetown University Law Center, brings together senior international policymakers, fintech innovators, market participants, and lawyers to discuss the most

55 On-demand Videos from the 2020 global conference.