IFM Market Basics: Video Nano Lessons

Eager to learn, but short on time? Check out the IFM's Market Basics, a financial educational series.

While successful trading of futures, options and swaps takes a detailed understanding of markets mechanics, processes and regulations — as well as financial resources — the importance, economic purpose and benefits of the financial markets is rather straightforward.

Each nano lessons below (approximately 60-130 seconds in duration) focuses on a key economic or free market concept. You'll see how Wall Street directly intersects with Main Street and impacts your every day life, even if you don't actual trade or follow the markets.

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From Wall Street to Main Street, see how markets play a major role in the growth and efficiency of a country and the economy.


What do markets tell us about our psychology, finances, economics, and our future?


How do global markets directly impact the prices you'll pay for food, clothing, gas and so more?


Learn why markets are necessary whether in the best or worst of times.


Financial Transaction Tax: Learn why a simple excise tax is a rather complex idea with big ripple effects. 


Market Anatomy 101: The Energy Ecosystem. (Coming soon)



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