The IFM's publications appeal to a broad audience, from industry professionals, investors, and market regulators to lifelong learners of the markets. While diverse, members of this audience share many of the same educational needs:

  • the need for greater understanding of the risk management and price discovery functions of derivatives markets;
  • the desire to understand the mechanisms that safeguard customers and the integrity of the global financial system;
  • and, the need to understand the role of open, competitive markets that facilitate efficiency and innovation.


Since 1989, the IFM has been the reliable resource for information about exchange-traded derivatives, and specifically, the workings and economic importance of futures, options on futures and swaps. Whether you are a finance professional or an investor, a policymaker or a member of the media, or an academician or student, you will find IFM publications to be balanced and well written. We will help you understand markets and the important risk-management role derivatives play in the global economy.