Trish Foshee Photo

Patricia (Trish) Foshée

Position Trustee (Ex Officio)
Job Title
President, Institute for Financial Markets

Foshée has a passion for the educational mission of the IFM and is committed to promoting a better understanding of the complex markets and higher standards of professional conduct. She joined the Institute in October 2000, and during her tenure with the IFM has held the positions of vice president of business development, and director of sales and marketing, prior to taking the helm of the Institute in 2008.

As head of the organization, she is responsible for daily operations, finances and staff of the IFM, as well as it's products and services. She also serves on the Advisory Board of the Review of Futures Markets, an industry journal which publishes peer-reviewed, editor selected articles, that expand the literature of futures, options, and derivatives research.  Prior to joining the IFM, Foshée held various management positions in the hospitality, meeting and destination development industries for 23 years, and served in leadership positions in U.S. and International trade associations.