NFA Series 3 Exam Standard Study Set

 Image: Standard Set 2 Books & PassMaster

NFA Series 3 Exam Standard Study Set


Prepare for test day with IFM's standard set which blends both traditional and e-learning to enhance your comprehension and retention of theory, concepts and calculations. This set includes two manuals, Futures and Options, which covers the market knowledge section of the Series 3 exam and The Guide to U.S. Futures Regulation, which cover the regulatory component of the test. To enhance your learning experience this set also includes Series 3 PassMaster   Later the books included in the set will become a professional desk reference set, once you pass the National Commodities Futures Exam - Series 3 Exam.

Series 3 PassMaster is our exclusive and highly effective learning software that stimulates revision and studying and will help you to identifying your own knowledge gaps and where to focus your attention. PassMaster includes a learning module of where you apply your knowledge through questions and receive immediate feedback through explanatory answers. It also includes an exam simulator (with unlimited timed test) to test your competency.  The timed tests mimic the exam and allows you to practice managing your time and reduce text anxiety.


What's Inside

The Standard Set is the most popular and includes everything you need to prepare and to demonstrate your proficiency to industry regulators with confidence.

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