Safeguarding Customer Funds

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Safeguarding Customer Funds


Get Smart on customer protection and segregation requirements with FIA-IFM Training. This course has been jointly developed by NFA, FIA and industry professionals to help market participants understand the safeguards in place to protect customer funds in the futures market.

This online course also is designed to meet the training requirements mandated by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission Rule 1.11.  According to the rule, all finance, treasury, operations, regulatory, compliance, settlement, and other relevant officers and employees within the organization must be trained annually.  

e-Learning Content
  • Basics of segregation
  • Residual interest
  • Investment of customer funds and recordkeeping
  • Reporting
  • Notification requirements
  • Interactive exercises to test comprehension


Training Duration: Approximately 60 minutes.  A training certificate can be downloaded after successful course completion.

Get Smart Training: Developed by the Industry for the Industry

Our curated training courses are developed by the industry for the industry so you can be confident that the material presented is what you need to help train internal staff and customers. Subject Matter Experts with relevant expertise develop content and industry professionals and working groups evaluate the scripts, review drafts, and contribute content when appropriate.

Exchanges participate in developing market-specific content based on their experience on where they find market participants need the most education. We also use outside counsel as appropriate to help us write and/or review content.  Courses are continuously updated as rules change. 

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