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Build a Culture of Compliance

Easily accessible, online learning is more essential than ever. FIA-IFM Training makes it possible to deliver training anywhere in the world, any time of day. Our courses allow you to:

  • Develop a cost-effective training program.
  • Train your global workforce without taxing compliance resources. 
  • Efficiently train customers.
  • Enable learners to take courses as time permits and go at their own pace. 
  • Efficiently monitor course completion and keep records for regulatory purposes.



FIA-IFM Training offers several licensing options for companies that wish to deploy training internally, provide training for firm customers to purchase, and/or access training on our LMS platform. We also extend volume discounts for those that purchase training for 16 or more learners per individual course. FIA members enjoy discounted rates.

  • An Enterprise License: Allows a firm to purchase a specific module and deploy it on their internal learning management system. This option may be implemented for employees and may be extended globally for employees of all affiliates. The licensing cost is calculated on the anticipated number of users that will take the course.
  • A Customer License: Allows a firm to set up a platform to assign training courses to customers and monitor completion.
  • A Corporate License: Allows the firm to take advantage of volume discounts using courses hosted on the IFM learning management system.
  • An Individual License: Allows companies to assign courses to individuals, or individual learners to purchase and take courses on our learning management system.


For more information pricing or volume discounts, please email


The IFM is the nonprofit educational foundation of the Futures Industry Association. For more than 30 years, the IFM has been working with the industry to increase understanding of the financial markets to the global economy and to promote high standards of market conduct through education. 

FIA Member firms and their employees are eligible for discounts for online training courses. FIA members include more than 300 financial services firms as well as fund managers, commercial hedgers, technology vendors, and legal and other professional services providers.