New, Virtual Courses

While virtual courses have made education more accessible to learners globally, it does require purposeful adaption of in-person courses of both content and delivery. While some commercial education providers quickly moved their existing live courses onto a virtual platform, IFM took a more deliberate to approach. We took time to consider how to positively affect the virtual learning experience and truncate the length of the live training. Our redesigned courses now incorporate various engagement tools, retention measurements, as well as pre-learning, post-learning assets.

IFM online courses provide a more scalable, flexible learning experience and have been organized into shorter session over multiple days versus day-long sessions. We also know while some providers continue to offer day long sessions for higher profit margins – it is not an optimal experience for learners. No one wants to sit for 7 hours staring at a monitor screen.

Finally, we recognize that virtual courses are also more cost-effective to deliver, and as a nonprofit education foundation, the IFM passes the savings directly to the participants and make education more affordable.